Lost and not Found

You see this?


Do you know what it is? It’s the clip for an Animas Ping pump. When I came home tonight I changed my clothing and took my pump out of my pocket to clip it to my shirt. Where’s the clip? From start to finish (with a break I’m not counting to eat), I spent 30+ minutes looking for the clip. I don’t have much space (I MAY be a little messy). I definitely had the clip this morning when I was getting dressed.
Based on the photo, you’d think I found the clip right? You would be wrong. Shortly after I passed the 30 minute mark I decided to start looking for the emergency back-up clip. I found that in about 2 minutes.
This is why one of the greatest gifts ever is an extra pump clip. One might also think this is why I should be cleaning-up instead of typing this story. That one is probably correct but should mind their own business.

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