Oops!… I Did It Again

What a Dopey mistake.  Downright Goofy.  In my previous post describing my bond with Britney Spears, I forgot one of the more important parts…

Britney was in The Mickey Mouse Club….


Found somewhere on the interwebs (I think).

AND I was a LAB MOUSE in an Artificial Pancreas trial (and yes, I have pair of sequined Minnie Mouse ears with my name monogrammed on them)!

AW mini

Again, I will be speaking about my time in the AP Trial, some insights and fun stuff at JDRF Nevada’s TypeOneNation Summit THIS Saturday.  Like I said in the previous post (me + Britney), the schedule on Saturday is incredible AND there are MORE TypeOneNation Summits happening throughout the country which you can find right HERE .   My buddy Brian and I will also be sharing our experience on March 21st at JDRF Long Island’s TypeOneNation Summit .  For my Long Island post I’m considering another comparison post with either Billy Joel, Dee Snider or Lindsay Lohan.  This is a tough decision… I may combine all three and toss in Busta Rhymes too.



I Wanna Go (My Bond With Britney Spears)

My bond with Britney Spears:

1.  Britney has had her fair share of ups and downs.  My blood sugar also has had (and continues to have) its ups & downs.

2.  Britney is currently performing on “The Strip”.  I happen to find test strips EVERYWHERE.


3.  Britney and I were both child brides.

Brit bride

4.  We have both rocked bunny ears (my grandmother made mine.  Not so sure about hers).

Brit bunny

5.  I have a Yorkie.  Brit Brit also has a Yorkie (I think I look a bit happier with my little guy though).

Brit york

6.  Brit knows Michael Strahan.  I explained Continuous Glucose Monitors to Michael Strahan (and we participated in an incredible JDRF’s Fund-A-Cure together…. “Gimme, Gimme More”).

Brit strahan

7.  Britney was married to a prick.  I have to “prick” my finger multiple times a day (please note: I did not come up with this one myself.  My friend M did and I laughed myself silly, said I could never use it in this post, and yet here it is, lucky #7).

8.  Biker Babes (Britney looks cute, I will be THE sweaty mess of all messes after my 100 mile JDRF ride… Oh My God what have I gotten myself into???  Anything to cure T1D right?).

Brit bike

9.  Britney and I both like our bedazzling (I tend to limit mine to arm Dexcom sites… most of the time).


10.  Britney Spears wears pumps.  I wear a pump too (slightly different version).



11.  Britney shaved her hair extensions off her head.  I briefly had extensions, they were a nightmare (hurt and would pop off).  I get the head shaving Brit, believe me, we all need a break sometimes.

12.  This is the most important one.  Ready?  Britney will be on stage in Las Vegas on February 28th… I will ALSO be in Vegas on February 28th but instead of singing, I will be speaking on a stage (although if need be, I’m willing to sing/maybe rap.  I’m not opposed to dancing but really my moves are pretty much weak break dancing).  I am THRILLED to be the opening speaker at JDRF Nevada’s Type One Nation Summit In Vegas!  I am so honored to be able to share what it’s like to participate in a diabetes clinical trial, my Artificial Pancreas experience and some other insights, but wait until you see all the incredible presentations (and presenters) involved!  Check this out!  TypeOneNation Nevada Summit agenda

Incredible right?  So are you anywhere near Las Vegas?  Do you have T1D?  Do you love someone with T1D?  Do you care about someone with T1D?  Are you enemies with someone with T1D (ok that part’s a joke.  Cheeky, I know)?  Here’s the Registration Info (yep, free).

JDRF Type One Nation Summits are happening throughout the country.  If you would like to find one near you, click HERE.

If this post leaves you singing Britney Spears on automatic repeat, please know I’ve had Oops I Did It Again, Toxic and my fave, My Prerogative in my head for 3 weeks now (and have had many a morning shower dance-off to my girl Brit Brit).  I know, You Drive Me Crazy, right?  Also this post has been a project for my friends for weeks and one funny friend who put all these ridiculous photos together and came with all sorts of connections (Thank you!).  Diabetes may suck sometimes, but I appreciate that this blog post brought me (and a few others) a lot of silly laughter.

See ya in Vegas!

A Little Heart

This week I’m mildly obsessed with the song “The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez (and don’t even get me started on that “Stars Dance” song.  Oh Selena where have you been all my life?  Oh wait, you weren’t born yet).  To anyone who knows me as a Motley Crue/Cinderella/Arcade Fire/TV on the Radio/Bjork fan, I’m sorry.  Yep, bubble burst.  So speaking of hearts, I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  A holiday created to sell cards?  HELL YES!  I love cards too!  I even love index cards.

Valentine’s Day is a fantastic IMG_0116reason/excuse to pay-it-forward.  There’s still time to Spare a Rose, Save a Child.

I don’t think of Valentine’s Day as a “romance” thing.  It’s about happiness, smiles, being kind (even when you really don’t want to be), doing someone else a favor, surprises, simply saying “I LOVE you”, and grilled cheese.  Why not right?  My only real Valentine’s Day disaster was when I decorated a coworker’s desk with hundreds of heart stickers.  Those stickers weren’t liartumblr_n9q6gjcaoJ1rk250ao1_1280s (so damn STICKY.  Tragic clean-up).  Well you win some, you lose some right?


And if you need a little inspiration (and who doesn’t love a little magic a la scavenger hunt), please join me in finding some hearts.  Send’em my way (as you can see, February is looking a little skimpy): surfacefine@gmail.com

Do Good, Feel Good.  LOVE.  Oh and get some exercise.  Be good to your heart.


Insulin N’ Roses (I N’ R)

I posted this earlier this morning on Facebook and was surprised to hear from 3 friends in a matter of minutes that they didn’t know this program existed.  One is a T1D friend I met through JDRF Los Angeles a few years ago and another is the Mom of a recently diagnosed T1D who I was introduced to through a business competitor (yes, the world is small).  I take for granted that there are people in the #DOC who do such an incredible job promoting the Spare a Rose, Save a Child campaign that a few tweets from me are enough.  The messages I received both publicly and privately to the FB post certainly prove otherwise.  So here you go (yep, Do Good, Feel Good) and spread the word


In many parts of the world, a child diagnosed with T1D will die in a matter of days, due to a lack of available insulin. By sending one less rose this Valentine’s Day, you can provide a child with a month’s worth of insulin. For the second year in a row, my Mom will be receiving a Valentine’s card thanking her for being my Mom and notification that in lieu of a dozen roses, she has instead kept a child alive for another year.

Roses die, kids shouldn’t.  http://www.SpareARose.org/give

From www.spacegirlw.tumblr.com (took this over the weekend.  Perfect for this post)

From www.spacegirlw.tumblr.com (took this over the weekend. Perfect for this post)


Flying on a Trapeze

The photo at the top of the Surfacefine page is from New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It’s up there for a few reasons…  1. It’s a terrific photo of my pump.  2. It embraces the whole “diabetes doesn’t stop me/ slow me down” mantra (however my eyes are closed because I was petrified). 3.  Writing a blog took me far out of my comfort zone (what really is a comfort zone anyway?) just like swinging from a trapeze did.  Blogging about diabetes has left me far less bruised than the trapeze, but being diabetic comes with a hell-of a lot of bruises… both physical and mental.

I could go on and on about how a new year doesn’t carry much weight with me  (thanks Renza for listening to my theory this week) but I’d like to keep this post a bit more, well positive.

In May of 2013 I started noticing hearts. Specifically I noticed a graffiti pink heat with an arrow through it drawn on a mailbox right outside the building where I live. I would find myself taking a deep breath like I was in a yoga class whenever I ‘discovered’ a heart. Gradually I started noticing hearts everywhere and occasionally posting them online. Now, a year and a half later, finding hearts has the same effect on me. Stop (Hammer time) and take a big, deep breath. People send me heart photos now. They ALWAYS make me smile. Many of the hearts I see are instantly uploaded to a Tumbler page,

Found : Hearts ( http://www.spacegirlw.tumblr.com ) Here are the archives:

I want to capture that moment, that deep breath, those feelings. When people ask me “what’s the deal with you and the hearts?”  I usually tell them about taking a deep breath and stopping everything for a moment. Those hearts have far more meaning to me than viewers know, but there’s a sweet moment when I sometimes realize something that means so much to me, something that feels magical even, I can share with  just a photo.


Listen to your heart (hey my pancreas doesn’t work so I gotta pick another organ anyway right?)




Down Time?

Over at Moments of Wonderful, there is the annual Best of The Betes Blogs.  There are A LOT of blog posts that have won monthly Best of The Betes Blogs awards throughout the year and it’s fantastic to see them all easily consolidated in one place.  I’m hoping to do some catch-up reading this week in a few areas (read: too much to do, too little time) and if you didn’t know or forgot that Sara puts this together (which looks like a heck-of-a-lot of work) I urge you to both vote, and bookmark the page.

I find it incredible humbling and just flat out weird to see my own posts in the mix as I think there are FAR better writers within my T1D peer group and people with better stories to tell (although I still do like my Captain and Tenille post and sometimes rereading your own thoughts, months later, can change your perspective), but I’m definitely honored (and have much reading to do).

Art Installation near Madison Square Park and The Flatiron Building in NYC.  It's illuminated at night but those photos didn't turn out as well.  The reflections and changes in view while you walk around this sculpture are so interesting.  All about change in perspective.

Art Installation near Madison Square Park and The Flatiron Building in NYC. It’s illuminated at night but those photos didn’t turn out as well. The reflections and changes in view while you walk around this sculpture are so interesting. All about change in perspective.



Oops! Super Strength Mishap

I posted the wrong link before (previous post).  My new super strength may be draining brain activity.  What a trade-off.  Sheesh.  Here’s the link about my post- Artificial Pancreas Low (literally and figuratively).  I’m going to take some vitamins now.  Anyway here’s the story:

A Sweet Life.  I Tried The Artificial Pancreas and I Want It Back .


“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”

– Henri Matisse (1869-1954) Printmaker, Sculptor, Painter

Man Vs Wild

A few quick items:

1. Health Insurance “stuff” (I typed 4 other non-PG words in that spot but I’m trying to be a lady… for a day or two) continues to drag on.  I saw my Primary care physician last week for 2 reasons, I banged up my thumb AND to say good-bye.  She is not a participating provider on the *new* plan with another company and I am still unconfirmed to be on said plan, starting January 1st.  I also won’t be seeing my podiatrist anymore.  I have written about him before.  50+ T1D, fun doctor, and the guy who put me back together better than Humpty Dumpty when I broke my foot years ago.  Both of these doctors I consider a big loss in my wellness protocol.  Who knows, maybe these insurance laws and plans will evolve again in a year?  Never say never right?  Oy.  I will continue to see my endo because she doesn’t even take insurance.  Yep.  And my key doctor, my diabetes eye specialist does take the new plan.  From what I can tell, I can stay on my insulin pump and Dexcom G4 and I just spoke to Animas this morning to finalize paperwork for my Ping to Animas Vibe trade-off.  Adventure!!! Well, more like… adventure.  Not so much exclamation pointing but I think there’s going to be trial and error and some frustration and some sort of snarky, yet witty, angry blog post from me, so there’s always that.

2.  I got a very short haircut and I may have developed super strength.  This makes me the polar opposite of Samson.  I need to keep testing this out but I will let you know.

3.  I am still blogging about Artificial Pancreas stuff and my latest blog post (which further supports my dislike for the number 41) can be found at A Sweet Life .  I believe this technology is SUPER important.  If you agree with me, please keep the momentum going and SPREAD THE WORD!

4.  Man vs Wild…. OR…. Dog vs. Pancreas? (Dog is missing 7 teeth so fight is not quite as lopsided as it may appear)










5.  I asked Moira a while ago if I could link to her post about Brett Michaels.  Brett was diagnosed with T1D at 6 years old.  I was diagnosed at 6 years old.  Brett is from Pennsylvania and so am I.  Brett plays Glam rock.  I LOVE Glam Rock!  Brett was on a horrendous reality TV dating show.  I WATCHED (and loved) that horrendous reality TV dating show.  But here’s the BIG difference (no, not the wig and bandana b/c I love a good costume and no one rocks a Pocahontas wig like I do) but Brett has had T1D 10 years more than I have (yes, I was also shocked he’s 51 years old).  So here is Moira’s post: On Brett Michaels and His Latest Diabetes-Related Setback: The Good News Behind His Brave Fight .  I think Moira is spot on with this post, but I am keenly aware that I am closer to Brett’s duration with T1D than Lauren’s (Moira’s daughter) and that’s a tough pill to swallow.

6. Always remember to switch back the time on your pump and Dexcom when you travel across time zones.  Simple advice I seem unable to remember myself!