38 is GREAT!


On June 19th I will have lived with Type One Diabetes for 19,988,640 minutes (38 years).  During that time, I have dealt with a lot of pricks (interpret that as you will… see photo on the link… cheeky, I know) but I can’t even tell you how many pricks because portable glucose testing didn’t even exist when I was diagnosed.  I have seen technologies and treatments progress throughout my lifetime and have remained healthy enough to participate in clinical trials of devices (hopefully) on the horizon.   

My outlook is and always has been, that I live on borrowed time.  This thought process has brought unmeasurable beauty into my life, daily, but also costs me dearly. Endless monitoring, adjusting, stress, expense, worry, the hoops I jump through trying to maintain balance, and the pain of watching the people who love me worrying about me.

So I am again training to ride 100 Miles to raise awareness and funding to obliterate Type 1 Diabetes, but I need YOUR help.  I have a ton of other things I want to do, create, design and experience..

Let’s create a better future for the 1.25 million people with T1D.  Let’s ensure that technological and medical break-thru’s continue. Let’s continue the advocacy work my parent’s instilled in me as a little girl, because this is my responsibility to make the most of my borrowed time.  Let’s get excited that beta cell encapsulation and smart insulins are currently in human trials.  Let’s help JDRF continue funding clinical and life saving research.  

I’m going to keep pedaling.  

With all my heart and broken pancreas, I thank you.  The route is hilly this year, and I may need a push. xo


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2 thoughts on “38 is GREAT!

  1. 38 is terrific. I am working on number 44 these days. I also feel like i am on borrowed time. Isn’t it great to be on borrowed time? I want more of it.

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