Diabetes Art Day 2012

My submission(s) for Diabetes Art Day 2012 – Yes, I’m crafty.  Not in a Beastie Boy’s song kind of way but in a index-card-epoxy-resin-tape-used-OneTouch-test-strips-sandpaper art making kind of way.  I’ve been designing and making jewelry for a LONG time but I haven’t done much resin work in years.  Having used strips EVERYWHERE is actually useful!  Happy #DArtDay !

12 thoughts on “Diabetes Art Day 2012

  1. This piece intrigued me when I saw it on the Diabetes Art Day website and I couldn’t wait until you posted about it here.

    I’ve often thought of working with resin for various art pieces in the past couple years but never got my head wrapped around it. I may reach out to you for some insight 🙂

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