Not a Quitter

Shortly after I got moving this morning, THIS started:

Sensor change

When I checked my Dex post shower I was quite surprised that my bedazzling was not only still intact, BUT my Dex is hardly frayed around the edges (it has indeed been a whole week).

Dexcom Sparkle

In one week I haven’t used any IV3000 to keep Dex stuck to me (shocking) and a bunch of rhinestone stickers have survived my workouts, longer than should be acceptable showers, and the various outfit changes I seem to make on a daily basis.

So what has changed?  Nothing that I can think of EXCEPT the rhinestones are a new decoration!  If they are helping keep Dex in place, then guess what folks?  I am going to remain one heck of a bedazzled, glittery, pretty pony.


3 thoughts on “Not a Quitter

  1. I ALSO got the change sensor soon alarm today and I’ll be durned if this one is still well attached. I am not sure the ART is what did it, but I do think my arm takes less abuse than my stomach…..

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