Artificial Pancreas With Some Heart

Recently I was contacted by a reporter from my local FOX affiliate about a story she wanted to cover on the Artificial Pancreas for a segment called The BIG Idea.

Tonight, the piece aired on our local 10pm FOX 5 NY news.  My endocrinologist and the Chief Mission Office for JDRF were also interviewed.  It’s amazing to witness how so much footage is made into such a short but thorough news segment.  I was happily surprised by the accuracy of the story and pleased with how they explained the technology involved.  I owe a huge thanks to Kerry Drew and especially the editing team who made this come to fruition.  I have also decided I look exceptionally tired and should start going to sleep earlier.  Seriously though, I’m honored to have had a voice in spreading this story.  This AP technology is getting closer!  The UVA algorithm I tested in my first AP trial is now slated for 3 month AT-HOME trials which has happened in the time since they filmed this news segment.  Keep pushing forward (and get some sleep).

Here’s the video:  FOX 5 The BIG Idea.


Thanks to my friend Deb who is my steadfast T1D supporter and puts together pics with amazing speed!

Today was full of surprises, many, but the one that sticks out the most is a moment right outside my office.  I saw it upside down as I walked down the street and it took my breath away.  It was not this shape a few hours later (just a wet blob).  I stopped a man who was about to walk across it and showed him how the snow melting on top of the scaffolding had dripped into the shape of a heart.  He smiled and told me how the cord for his computer sometimes makes the shape of a heart.  I told him how I tend to see a lot of hearts and I its a great thing.  Powerful heart moments… or possibly stranger danger (me, not the guy). xo

Snow drip love

Snow drip love

Where’s My Passport?

Dear Ms. Oh Come On Now (<- me),

We currently cannot offer you health insurance coverage because you were unable to provide proof of being a US citizen or national…. 

Errrrrr, what?!?!?

My hardy har not-so-har-at-all joke about marrying for health insurance and trading with someone who needs a green card, doesn’t even make sense anymore.  Joke’s on me?  Que?

After tracking down the insurance broker, he assured me he’d already taken care of this and the letter must have gotten crossed in the mail.  Hmmm.  No bueno.  So he knew already and solved this problem how exactly?  Sheesh, this just keeps getting crazier.  My favorite part though is the company that sent the letter was my SAME insurance carrier a year a and one month ago.  Do they think I renounced my citizenship since then?

Does anyone know what language my name is on on this coffee cup?  Maybe it’s a key to my mysterious country of origin?




Do your New Year’s resolutions involve any ONE of the following?
1. See new places.
2. Embrace new adventures.
3. Make more friends.
4. Improve your physical fitness.
5. Improve your mental fitness.
6. Go on an incredible vacation.
7. Try something new.
8. Give back.
9. Do something AMAZING.

45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.

12% attain their goal.

If ONE of the items above is YOUR goal, I know how you can be in the 12%. 


Set a calendar reminder for noon on 1/20, the first day of regstration for the 2016 JDRF Ride. 7 amazing locations, varying terrain options, and many distances available.  

Coach Ross keeping me focused.

Coach Ross keeping me focused.

Happy New Year!