Where’s My Passport?

Dear Ms. Oh Come On Now (<- me),

We currently cannot offer you health insurance coverage because you were unable to provide proof of being a US citizen or national…. 

Errrrrr, what?!?!?

My hardy har not-so-har-at-all joke about marrying for health insurance and trading with someone who needs a green card, doesn’t even make sense anymore.  Joke’s on me?  Que?

After tracking down the insurance broker, he assured me he’d already taken care of this and the letter must have gotten crossed in the mail.  Hmmm.  No bueno.  So he knew already and solved this problem how exactly?  Sheesh, this just keeps getting crazier.  My favorite part though is the company that sent the letter was my SAME insurance carrier a year a and one month ago.  Do they think I renounced my citizenship since then?

Does anyone know what language my name is on on this coffee cup?  Maybe it’s a key to my mysterious country of origin?