Few Items….

Few items for today:

1. If you are in the NYC vicinity, I will be interviewed tomorrow morning by Cindy Hsu (Saturday 9/29) at 6:45am to promote the JDRF NYC walk on Sunday 9/30.  I can’t image my speaking smoothly live, so it may be worth watching just for a laugh.  If you have ever walked with our Alecia’s Stem Cells JDRF team before, be prepared, because CBS is planning on using photos from our archives during the interview and just may see your own smiling face!

2. OneTouch contacted me early this week about my Diabetes Art Day submission and using it on their Facebook page to introduce a post about D Art Day .  Although some of the comments gave me a frown, (hater-betics), I am really thrilled and have been wearing the ring everyday since D Art Day.  I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with strangers regarding diabetes and the ring.  I feel incredibly inspired to keep playing with this test strip/ jewelry concept.

3. Our walk team not only has 56 walkers (OMG say WHAT?!?!) but we have raised $19,321.62 with 2 days still to go!  Take that diabetes!


Not a Quitter

Shortly after I got moving this morning, THIS started:

Sensor change

When I checked my Dex post shower I was quite surprised that my bedazzling was not only still intact, BUT my Dex is hardly frayed around the edges (it has indeed been a whole week).

Dexcom Sparkle

In one week I haven’t used any IV3000 to keep Dex stuck to me (shocking) and a bunch of rhinestone stickers have survived my workouts, longer than should be acceptable showers, and the various outfit changes I seem to make on a daily basis.

So what has changed?  Nothing that I can think of EXCEPT the rhinestones are a new decoration!  If they are helping keep Dex in place, then guess what folks?  I am going to remain one heck of a bedazzled, glittery, pretty pony.


Diabetes Art Day 2012

My submission(s) for Diabetes Art Day 2012 – Yes, I’m crafty.  Not in a Beastie Boy’s song kind of way but in a index-card-epoxy-resin-tape-used-OneTouch-test-strips-sandpaper art making kind of way.  I’ve been designing and making jewelry for a LONG time but I haven’t done much resin work in years.  Having used strips EVERYWHERE is actually useful!  Happy #DArtDay !

My Love Affair

I’m having a love affair. I can’t deny it, it’s true. It started in November. I’d seen him before. I did what we all do, I Googled him but quickly decided he wasn’t my type. I’m a rather independent woman. From what I learned, he wanted someone who was a bit needy. He seemed like a bit of a know-it-all too. I had enough going on in my life but I kept looking at him. I asked around. Others knew him but there were mixed feelings. Some people thought he was absolutely wonderful, they praised him but still others said he was unreliable, inconsistent, not worth the effort and that I should just get a dog.

I’d briefly gotten attached to his “type” a few years ago. That one scared me a bit, but we were inseparable for 3 days. Something was missing and I knew it. I never truly felt comfortable. Perhaps we just didn’t click and in the end I was disappointed and frankly, I felt let-down. I guess I was a bit oversold.

Years had gone by and I tried to keep an open-mind, I kept looking at him online. Oh let’s face it, I stared at him online. I just needed to be brave (or so I kept telling myself). Put myself out there. It started with an email. I was testing the waters. It led to more emails. I kept Googling and staring. A date was set, right before Christmas. I was nervous, but excited. He arrived at my home. It was awkward at best. I’m fairly certain he found me cold and perhaps distracted. Our get together ended rather abruptly. I was too nervous and uncomfortable. Later I checked him out online again. I downloaded an app on my phone so I could check him out from there too. I wasn’t giving up hope but it was easier to drag my feet since the holidays were right around the corner. It was a good excuse. I decided I’d try to hook-up with him after the New Year.

After New Year’s, I decided my initial discomfort was with the one-on-one aspect of our initial meeting. I made a decision, made a couple calls, and within 24 hours, we had plans for a group lunch date. I was nervous but we were surrounded by other group dates and suddenly this seemed doable.

Now, over 9 months later, if we go on a date, he never pays. He can be downright irritating, almost preachy, if I’ve under-bolused or have indulged a bit too much. Once, I took Sudafed when I wasn’t feeling well and he went absolutely nuts. We don’t fight often, maybe, but when we do, we’ve learned to start over. A fresh start seems to be best for both of us.

Now I see there were plenty of times I didn’t feel safe on my own. That’s all changed since he came into my life. I’ll admit it, it may not be perfect but we sleep together every night. He wakes me up more than I’d like but I’m glad he’s there.

Thanks for keeping me safe Dex.