Few Items….

Few items for today:

1. If you are in the NYC vicinity, I will be interviewed tomorrow morning by Cindy Hsu (Saturday 9/29) at 6:45am to promote the JDRF NYC walk on Sunday 9/30.  I can’t image my speaking smoothly live, so it may be worth watching just for a laugh.  If you have ever walked with our Alecia’s Stem Cells JDRF team before, be prepared, because CBS is planning on using photos from our archives during the interview and just may see your own smiling face!

2. OneTouch contacted me early this week about my Diabetes Art Day submission and using it on their Facebook page to introduce a post about D Art Day .  Although some of the comments gave me a frown, (hater-betics), I am really thrilled and have been wearing the ring everyday since D Art Day.  I’ve had some pretty interesting conversations with strangers regarding diabetes and the ring.  I feel incredibly inspired to keep playing with this test strip/ jewelry concept.

3. Our walk team not only has 56 walkers (OMG say WHAT?!?!) but we have raised $19,321.62 with 2 days still to go!  Take that diabetes!