There is quite a roster for the JDRF NYC ONE Expo on 9/16.

ONE event to get Educated, Engaged, and Empowered!

I will be speaking during the Research Update along with Marlon Pragnell,  JDRF’s Senior Scientific Program Manager, who will be discussing the advances in JDRF’s priority T1D therapies, including encapsulation, prevention and a detailed look on the Artificial Pancreas Project and Dr Carol Levy, Director of Type 1 Diabetes and Diabetes in Pregnancy at Mt Sinai Hospital who will be presenting about Artificial Pancreas research being conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC.

I know space is limited for the presentations, so here’s the registration link AND it’s FREE (more info if you follow link than the image below): ONE EXPO




3 thoughts on “FREE – NYC JDRF ONE Expo

  1. type one nation events are happening all over the country. Even podunk Arizona has them – where are you Lori!! JDRF’s email communications are archaic and sometimes don’t even get sent out in a timely fashion. Alecia…kick some fine bootay – widh I could be there to see you SHINE!!! <3

  2. I wish you all the best… I hear you’re a fantastic speaker:) Enjoy the Expo! If people are able to attend, they should DEFINITELY go. You will be glad you did.

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