Man Vs Wild

A few quick items:

1. Health Insurance “stuff” (I typed 4 other non-PG words in that spot but I’m trying to be a lady… for a day or two) continues to drag on.  I saw my Primary care physician last week for 2 reasons, I banged up my thumb AND to say good-bye.  She is not a participating provider on the *new* plan with another company and I am still unconfirmed to be on said plan, starting January 1st.  I also won’t be seeing my podiatrist anymore.  I have written about him before.  50+ T1D, fun doctor, and the guy who put me back together better than Humpty Dumpty when I broke my foot years ago.  Both of these doctors I consider a big loss in my wellness protocol.  Who knows, maybe these insurance laws and plans will evolve again in a year?  Never say never right?  Oy.  I will continue to see my endo because she doesn’t even take insurance.  Yep.  And my key doctor, my diabetes eye specialist does take the new plan.  From what I can tell, I can stay on my insulin pump and Dexcom G4 and I just spoke to Animas this morning to finalize paperwork for my Ping to Animas Vibe trade-off.  Adventure!!! Well, more like… adventure.  Not so much exclamation pointing but I think there’s going to be trial and error and some frustration and some sort of snarky, yet witty, angry blog post from me, so there’s always that.

2.  I got a very short haircut and I may have developed super strength.  This makes me the polar opposite of Samson.  I need to keep testing this out but I will let you know.

3.  I am still blogging about Artificial Pancreas stuff and my latest blog post (which further supports my dislike for the number 41) can be found at A Sweet Life .  I believe this technology is SUPER important.  If you agree with me, please keep the momentum going and SPREAD THE WORD!

4.  Man vs Wild…. OR…. Dog vs. Pancreas? (Dog is missing 7 teeth so fight is not quite as lopsided as it may appear)










5.  I asked Moira a while ago if I could link to her post about Brett Michaels.  Brett was diagnosed with T1D at 6 years old.  I was diagnosed at 6 years old.  Brett is from Pennsylvania and so am I.  Brett plays Glam rock.  I LOVE Glam Rock!  Brett was on a horrendous reality TV dating show.  I WATCHED (and loved) that horrendous reality TV dating show.  But here’s the BIG difference (no, not the wig and bandana b/c I love a good costume and no one rocks a Pocahontas wig like I do) but Brett has had T1D 10 years more than I have (yes, I was also shocked he’s 51 years old).  So here is Moira’s post: On Brett Michaels and His Latest Diabetes-Related Setback: The Good News Behind His Brave Fight .  I think Moira is spot on with this post, but I am keenly aware that I am closer to Brett’s duration with T1D than Lauren’s (Moira’s daughter) and that’s a tough pill to swallow.

6. Always remember to switch back the time on your pump and Dexcom when you travel across time zones.  Simple advice I seem unable to remember myself!





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