Flying on a Trapeze

The photo at the top of the Surfacefine page is from New Year’s Eve a few years ago. It’s up there for a few reasons…  1. It’s a terrific photo of my pump.  2. It embraces the whole “diabetes doesn’t stop me/ slow me down” mantra (however my eyes are closed because I was petrified). 3.  Writing a blog took me far out of my comfort zone (what really is a comfort zone anyway?) just like swinging from a trapeze did.  Blogging about diabetes has left me far less bruised than the trapeze, but being diabetic comes with a hell-of a lot of bruises… both physical and mental.

I could go on and on about how a new year doesn’t carry much weight with me  (thanks Renza for listening to my theory this week) but I’d like to keep this post a bit more, well positive.

In May of 2013 I started noticing hearts. Specifically I noticed a graffiti pink heat with an arrow through it drawn on a mailbox right outside the building where I live. I would find myself taking a deep breath like I was in a yoga class whenever I ‘discovered’ a heart. Gradually I started noticing hearts everywhere and occasionally posting them online. Now, a year and a half later, finding hearts has the same effect on me. Stop (Hammer time) and take a big, deep breath. People send me heart photos now. They ALWAYS make me smile. Many of the hearts I see are instantly uploaded to a Tumbler page,

Found : Hearts ( ) Here are the archives:

I want to capture that moment, that deep breath, those feelings. When people ask me “what’s the deal with you and the hearts?”  I usually tell them about taking a deep breath and stopping everything for a moment. Those hearts have far more meaning to me than viewers know, but there’s a sweet moment when I sometimes realize something that means so much to me, something that feels magical even, I can share with  just a photo.


Listen to your heart (hey my pancreas doesn’t work so I gotta pick another organ anyway right?)




4 thoughts on “Flying on a Trapeze

  1. What a beautiful practice.

    Once when I halved a head of red cabbage, an angel was inside. Breathe. I haven’t seen another since. I need to change my frame of mind, and the maybe shape I’m hoping to stumble upon.


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