A 6 Point Update!

How fantastic is this?

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”

—Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909)
American Author

LOVE it.

1.  In other news, I’m trying something new this week.  It was just a post shower whim Monday morning.  I think my tummy needs a break and in order to keep my friend laughing who thinks I’m butt obsessed, I put my pump site on my derriere.  It was at the top of my badonkadunk on the left side.  It felt a little weird at first, but worked GREAT.  Yesterday I wore jeans and it did make me a little nervous that I had to be “aware” of where it was before I peed, But for Monday- Wednesday, I didn’t feel a damn thing (Day One was the best though… wore vegan leather patched leggings.  Vegan leather pants are such an awesome marketing ploy… seriously brilliant.  No pleather here… “vegan leather”.  Brilliant).  Day One I wore a blouse that covered my bum, but this is what it looked like (red circle shows the site and the cord).  I thought it would stick out more, but it was a VERY pleasant surprise and did I mention how GREAT that site worked?  Fantastic!  Old dog, new tricks.

buttpump copy

2.  I received a new Dexcom receiver last week with the Share stuff.  Yay bluetooth!  When I was in the AP trial a few months ago, the Dexcom receiver was put into a sleeve that enabled it to have bluetooth (whole AP system works off Bluetooth).  I am thrilled the Dexcom receiver now has bluetooth as this seems like one more bridge crossed in getting to Artificial Pancreas land right?  Sunday I was on a rather crowded train and carrying way too much stuff (and this guy),

That white spot on his nose is my fave

That white spot on his nose is my fave

and the novelty of seeing my Dexcom info on my phone (which was easy for me to grab from my pocket) was rather convenient.

This was from today, not on the train.  Dog, bags, and people everywhere was a bit much!

This was from today, not on the train. Dog, bags, and people everywhere was a bit much!

3.  With that said, I did upgrade to the Animas Vibe pump 3 months ago (3 ish?).  Now, that I’m used to it, I again wonder why I bother reading reviews.  YDMV is just so darn TRUE (YOUR DIABETES MAY VARY).  This is the screen that is a game changer for me (thanks Karen H for teaching me how to set this):

IOB screen)


Great BG right now (Nice moment).  The part I am LOVING though is that IOB.  Wow.   THIS. IS. AWESOME.  I hit one button on this pump and BOOM, I see my BG and Insulin On Board.  Wow.

4.  I now have my second butt pump site.  I have no idea why I was squeamish about trying this.  I am currently wearing tights and took a photo to show how much this does NOT stand out.  I then realized the photo is way too risque.  Apparently I now know my limit on “putting it all out there”.  My Dexcom is on my left upper thigh/hip, pump site on left top of butt cheek and my pump is in my tights right below the Dexcom sensor.  It has worked well today and I am in a dress that is very fitted.  It amazes me that I ever worried about wearing all this equipment.  All good in the hood.  No biggie.  Yay tights.

5.  Today I officially kicked-off my JDRF Burlington Ride page.  It’s been up for a little while but today is my birthday and I want my birthday to be something productive, something positive and if I am nailed down for this biking madness…. errrr, I mean “adventure”, let’s do this right!  Birthday?  Ehhh.  Fundraising KICK OFF DAY?  Hell yes!  I have been shocked by the success today and I feel even MORE motivated to embrace this adventure (still mildly terrified though).  Bike research is going well.  Bike test ride is Sunday.  Crashing would suck (and I don’t mean BG, I mean actually crashing into a car).  Want more info?  Want to see how we’re doing?  Curious about the Ride program? Click HERE!  Do Good, Feel Good.

6.  Whew.  Last thing.  There’s a Type One Nation Summit in Long Island NY this Saturday.  The last speakers of the day are attempting this tag team style.  They are talking about their Artificial Pancreas trial experience.  Yep, Brian and I will both be there, and yes, we are speaking together.  This could be…. interesting…? The line-up of break out session and speakers is truly remarkable and I am so honored to attend.  Want more info?  Right HERE .  Originally I planned on doing a comparison like I did with Britney Spears (but the Long Island version which would either involve… Billy Joel or Lindsay Lohan).  I didn’t get to that and my friend who did all the previous photo work is in Italy so use your imagination!




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