It will be one week tomorrow morning that I started collecting data and wearing a CGM that isn’t mine as part of another Artificial Pancreas trial.  Tomorrow the “loop” will be closed.  Yes, CLOSED.   Completely CLOSED until Sunday!  Holy Smokes!!

I’ll be writing about my experience elsewhere but for now here are a few update photos:


One of my favorite artists. Another great find on a ride.


Promo for Screen Queens. At least he was warm!


Pop Taco


So much glitter. So much!


Dias De Muertos AKA How I Felt in Burlington costume. 70+ miles. Facial tattoos are not easy to remove. Nope.


Orange Dexcom (Artificial Pancreas clinical trial supplies). Want to keep the orange Dex so badly.

2 thoughts on “Ready

  1. YAYAYYAYYAYAY!!! can’t wait to hear….I have a new pink receiver just waiting to be used…the old one has not yet died…I am thinking that well attached glitter, or perhaps just finger nail polish pizazzz is all this sucker needs…but I do like the Bronco Orange!

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