Lucky 12

LUCKY 12I pass by this patch of sidewalk almost everyday.  I noticed it again as I rushed home from the gym this morning.


12 is my favorite number.  12 is my “lucky” number.  Alecia’s Stem Cells was founded 12 years ago.  2012 wasn’t quite what I thought it would be.  There’s gotta a be a BIGGER 12 out there.  Please, please let there be a bigger 12 out there.

I received some horrible news from a friend over the weekend.  My Dad hugged me and I just started sobbing.  I believe that is very much a Dad/daughter thing.  Hug from Dad = tears from me.  Life has thrown me a slew of challenges, all in a row lately.  My Dad kept whispering in my ear, “It doesn’t make sense right now, but there is a plan for you.  Just remember, there is a plan for you.  It’s just a different path.”  There was some God stuff thrown in there too but that’s between me and Dad and well, God.

I was with the friend with the horrible news last evening (that is a terrible description by the way).  There were some tears.  We discussed many things.  She’s always supported my diabetes and JDRF projects.  I told her about the JDRF Walk Kick-Off/ Research Update I’d attended on Wednesday night.  I told her about JDRF’s encapsulation program (or at least what I understood of it) and all the things I learned last week.  I told her about how I felt inspired, a renewed sense of hope, again.  I told her about my friend who’s part of JDRF’s Voices Council and how she recently shared with me that she too felt inspired.  At the end of our meal, I think I’d not only given her a pep talk, but I’d also given myself one.  She kept telling me how much I inspire her.  Talking with her really helped inspire me too.  Sometimes, I think the energy you give off, really does come back to you.  I got the most positive e-mail from her first thing this morning.  It felt like a hug.



I’ve gotta a lot of work to do.

Join me.  Join our team.  Get involved.

Oh, and if you don’t like me or think I’m a jerk or I talk too much, just donate to this guy.

The fundraising all goes to the same place although we seem to be in some sort of competition.  This is the photo he put on Facebook last night.  Yes, that is me.  No, that is not my quote.  If this quote raises funding for research, then yes, that is EXACTLY what I said EXCEPT, I definitely didn’t call anyone Mr. Strahan*.

Ben H


And if you’d like more info on Alecia’s Stem Cells, want to spy on how we’re doing, want to join our team, want to sponsor one of our walkers, want to donate, please go here AND read the post below this one for more ASC info. XO

* Team Hoffmanderson is an awesome team and I am extremely happy to call them friends.  I mean, they might not even be friends, but I’m happy to call them that.


7 thoughts on “Lucky 12

  1. I don’t think anyone on this planet could not like you, think you’re a jerk or talk too much! And that goes for Ben either. Even if I never met him. Being married to Karen accounts for something 😉
    I think sometimes we are our own biggest supporters, comforters, shoulder to cry on. I’m glad you found some inspiration with your friend, even if it was through other bad news. There is a bigger 12 out there for you. I just know it.

  2. Well, I don’t know if the horrible news is about your friend or your relationship with this friend, but I wish the best for all of you. And if joining your team in 2012 made the year not as good as you hoped, then I’m going to do all I can to try and make 2013 even better… there’s certainly no reason that 13 has to be unlucky, and certainly no reason for you to have to wait for 2112 — that’s a really long time off!

    • Nah, Walk 2012 was friggin awesome (and yes, YOU were indeed a BIG part of that and Lil J). My 2012 though, not really my best all around year. I think as a kid I had higher hopes for 2012 (I really thought the world would be much closer to The Jetsons by now). I completely agree about 2013 not having to be unlucky but I also think the 12th year for ASC is kinda HUGE! I’m going to keep my eye out for The CURE at the walk (and I don’t mean Robert Smith, but I’m willing to look for him too). Glad we’re walking together again Scott!

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