Nice Stems – Advil On Ice Please

Quick update… One of the Alecia’s Stem Cells JDRF Walk team shirts from many moons ago made reference to “Nice Stems”, as in “nice legs”.  It was cheeky.


Never in a million years, did I think the switch to cycling would leave my stems looking like this (4 days after my last “accident”):

AW Stems


Clipless pedals are awesome, until they are not awesome.  Also why are they not called clip-in pedals?  Or Holy-shirt-I-can’t-get-out-of-these-pedals?  Or I’M TRAPPED pedals?


Saturday 5/23. First day with clipless pedals. I was killing it, until the very end when I was heading home, and slowing down at a red light. Suddenly found myself on the ground in Manhattan traffic.

My legs hate T1D more than I do.  Really.  I asked them.  65 Miles on Monday.  My bike is fixed (again) and I will be back out training tomorrow.  Hopefully no more hitting the wall (literally and figuratively) or being one with the pavement.

Dex AW

65 miler on Memorial Day. Highlight was my nephew showing up at the midpoint. Clipped my helmet on for me and then tried to force feed me the clip.

Also this article came out this week.  Excellent and a glamour shot of my dear friend Brian and more information on our Artificial Pancreas trial (definitely one of the better articles out there).

A year ago, I was planning what I was going to wear to a polo match and what snacks I needed to bring tomorrow.  Tonight I will be laying out my cycling gear, grabbing bananas, Gatorade, and pickles on my way home from work.

If you’ve ever felt inclined to support someone doing an endurance sport for the 1st time, please share my link.  If anyone tells you there is no crying in cycling, please tell them that phrase is only good for baseball.  #StayStrong #CryItOut #AdvilAndIcePlease

4 thoughts on “Nice Stems – Advil On Ice Please

  1. You’re a total inspiration! Gutsy, go-for-it woman. Making my old heart glad just to know about it. Nice stems indeed! Go kick ass!! ❤️

  2. Not suggesting this, but after a couple of mishaps, I finally loosened my clips nearly as much as possible so I could get out of them when necessary. Also, anticipation at every intersection helps too. Like, if I’m potentially coming to a stop (coasting), I take a foot out of the clip, then leave it poised to clip right back in if it turns out I don’t need to stop at all. If I do need to stop, I have plenty of time even if I have trouble unclipping. If you’re already doing all of this, just delete my comment.

    By the way, you’re doing great and I know you’ll rock this ride. Good luck.

    • Yeah I’m having 2 issues. 1. I unclip right and never left… I’m a mess on the left. 2. For another post – I ran out of steam. Like completely kaput. I fell going up hill! What a fiasco. Changes in nutrition are happening ASAP! And thank you Stephen! You are the best!

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