The Caboose. 36.

In 36 Days I will be attempting to ride 100 Miles in Burlington, Vermont.

Scratch that.

In 36 Days, I WILL ride 100 Miles on my bike in Burlington, Vermont.

Today is my diaversary.  Diagnosed with T1D 36 years ago today.

I figured out this mathematical magic this morning… 36 more days til Ride and and 36 years of T1D on the same day.  That’s gotta count for something right?

Here’s the newest bit of “flair” in my fundraising plans.

Ok, you knew I was going to figure-out a way to decorate this bike right?  I used to bedazzle Dexcom arm sensors.  All these warnings about creating drag on the bike… I’m already the slowest one folks.  If I’m going to be the caboose, I’ll be a brightly colored, glittered one for sure!


Here’s my social media fundraising idea (scheme) for today:

YOU are going on The JDRF Ride! Say WHAT?!?! For everyone who has donated to MY riding 100 Miles on 7/25, YOUR name (or message) is going ON the bike! Come with me! This bike is all about inspiration, funding vital research, and a LOT of Alecia flair. Where’s the glitter paint? ‪#‎gettingcrafty‬ #36 ‪#‎diaversarydream‬ 

-> ****MY Dream**** <- (So close to beating the 2001- first year Alecia’s Stem Cells total).

I have had a bit of a heavy heart lately.  When I think about this diaversary stuff, I have uncharacteristically lacked feelings on it.   I haven’t been upset per se, but I have lacked enthusiasm.  My friend posted this photo today.  This certainly turned my mood around.  Note: I definitely do NOT like chocolate mint Cliff bars.


Also if anyone has a bike helmet covered in LED lights and rhinestones, let’s talk.




3 thoughts on “The Caboose. 36.

  1. dang those dang reflectors off and you will lose 10 pounds…or at least enough to make up for all the bling!! They do have battery operated twinky lights you can weave into your spokes,,,,,understand about the lack of enthusiasm on the diaversary…I am not sure if we are meant to mark it like we mark other passings of time…..with hope, I must believe this is not forever….41 is enough for me thankyouverymuch

  2. I would like to donate. I want my thingy on your bike to read “F**k T1 Diabetes!!” Or maybe, “My Homeland Security is a MASSIVE FAIL. Help!!” – meaning my (our) immune system of course. Is that allowed? How do I donate? (You don’t have to sport that sentiment unless you agree with it of course…). Would be SO wonderful if someone figured out how to put it right. And bless your soul for raising money for such. Please email me how.

    • Thanks Linda! So, I’ve decided to keep the tags on the bike as first names. There are a few reasons why. Its a family friendly event so as a 4x Aunt, cussing is out. The other reason for names is that the tubes on the bike are not big enough to write much. With names, I can see all the people who have supported me in this effort and are cheering me on. THAT inspires me and believe me, there are times (many) where I just want to quit. I hope you understand, and I hate diabetes too but that’s not where my brain needs to be on ride day. Also, the link to my fundraising page is in the post above where it says “MY DREAM“. Thank you!

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