Video Killed The Radio Star

Love that song (totally a product of my generation and I remember watching that video in my best friend’s basement as she had cable (!!!) and we’d play Barbies as we watched MTV videos).  I’m behind on updating JDRF Ride training information.

Lots of training stories.  Funny spin class incidents (I was the only attendee at a spin class in Dallas and got there 15 minutes early to make sure I got a bike… 5:45AM.  Only one).  Crossing fears off my list… riding in the rain?  Done.  Riding alone in the rain?  Done.  Riding alone in the rain across the Manhattan Bridge twice?  Done.  Riding alone in the rain across a bridge and actually finding Prospect Park?  Yep, done.

There have been some down times.  Problems with dehydration, low bgs, running out of energy to the point that I was actually falling asleep.  Dry heaving through Harlem off the side of the bike.

I have met with a nutritionist which was/is helpful.  I eat so much more now and after being salt conscious for years and years, I need to maintain an increased salt intake when I’m riding for hours.  Crustables are my favorite food.  Seriously favorite.  PB&J that thaws on my back?  YES, YES, YES!  Things I figured out on my own.  Who knew I’d like bananas and peanut butter?  I have 2 water bottles on the bike.  One is 1/4 Gatorade to 3/4 water.  The other is 3/4 Gatorade to 1/4 water.  Did I mention I can eat 1/2 a Crustable as I am pedaling?  Only half though.

As part of the AP Trial I participated in months ago, I did an interview for a medical/health website.  I thought the interview and questions were interesting but nothing ever came out of it.  They contacted me 2 weeks ago to get some additional footage of me in my normal life (specifically walking my dog).  Somehow we got on the topic of my cycling “adventures” (let’s face it, it’s all I talk about anyway).  They decided to film me on my bike.  No biggie.  Oh I get to wear all this Spandex madness (don’t forget the padded crotch and tush) on a video?  Well I can cross that off the list of things I’ve never done.  Great.  Really, terrific.  Spandex.  Oh this never gets old.

The night of filming, was brief (well except riding to the video spot with all sorts of craziness through Tribeca at rush hour… that was kind of crazy and I kept having to look at directions).  It’s a long story and yes I did end-up explaining to a police officer about the Artificial Pancreas (talked his ear off) but I realized that all these things are opportunities.  Opportunities to share, connect, and advocate.  The fella who was in charge (videographer?) and shot the video, I’d met months ago and we’d bonded about diabetes and the AP Trial and what his father has dealt with also having diabetes.  There were 3 interns from the website  In the down time, I got a chance to talk to them about the Ride program and why I’m doing this (and sharing Manhattan cycling adventures).  They were great and asked questions.  I gave one of them my phone when I’d arrived and asked, if she had a chance, to take some photos (I wanted pics of the GoPro cameras.  I fly Virgin America a lot and I am ADDICTED to their GoPro channel.  ADDICTED.  I get off those flights and want to balance my suitcase on my head, hang from a helicopter and and then jump off with my suitcase and use it as a toboggan down a snowy mountain).

I have no idea how she made this video with my phone.  Fascinated:

Hopefully this link works: IMG_2410-2

Otherwise, here’s one of her pics:



And here’s another:


The night I filmed, was the day the whole Crossbit Twitter irresponsibility/sadness hit the fan.  It weighed heavy on my mind.  After the pics, I went for a ride.  From the west side of Manhattan through Battery Park (southern tip) and then I sprinted up the East Side.  And as I huffed and puffed and dodged obstacles, I thought about how angry I felt.  Many reasons to be angry and sad to see T1s and T2s dividing themselves.   So I kept riding.

Only 14 miles that night, but probably my best training ride so far.

A life well lived with drive and fight, to me, is the best revenge.

Drive currently = ride.



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  1. so incredibly proud of you, Alecia. You are simply amazing. I do suggest you add a pickle into your ride, and the long haulers here in the desert swear by pickle juice. And I’m writing a piece about the cross fit issue. You know I did it for a couple years abs absolutely love it and the ugliness between us and them is sadly overshadowed by the ugliness between T1D and 2. It’s really pitiful!

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