I’ve Been Here Before, Right? (for the USA)

In the past 2+ years I have had to change health insurance plans (and carriers), 3 times.  The process is simply mind boggling.  New doctors, new procedures, new pharmacies, new bills, moving mountains to make things “work”.  Many people are going through the same thing right now (Health Republic Insurance of New York went out of business recently and although not my insurer, it certainly contributes to the madness with open enrollment ending in 4 days and less options for individual coverage plans in my state).  This process is nothing short of torturous, as trying to find specifics on both On and Off Market plans is a game of “How many questions can you ask and how few answers can you get?”.

My situation is complicated (isn’t everyone’s?) but as I have read through contracts on the coverages (these prescription drug tiers… where are all the other meds?), any decision I make involves risk. The premiums are less ($) than what I was previously paying BUT the coverage is MUCH less (“coinsurance” is not a nice word).  The feelings of “Which decision is the least bad” combined with “OMFG how much is this REALLY going to cost me?” and my new favorite, “What do you mean the insulin I’ve been on for years and have had good results isn’t covered… AT ALL anymore” (<- that’s really happening. Novolog.  See photo).  I will figure it out.  There will be more 4am bolting awake nights (well mornings), and there will be tears but, as I have learned, you just do (and use your brain and maybe kick some shins along the way).


So, I’m sharing this fiasco (OK, story), because there is a link that is INCREDIBLY valuable and even if you are one happy yellow smiley face sticker with all things health insurance related (oh how I envy you and wonder if you’ll marry me… I have little to offer in return… I seriously can not think of anything except free wifi, a ridiculous amount of gold glitter and I *may* dance and rap in the shower… yikes…?), I hope you will bookmark this link.  It is a post from Christel at The Perfect D (and updated recently).  Need Help With US Diabetes Supplies and Medications? UPDATED! 

Look at ALL that information.  Thanks Christel for allowing me to share this and more importably THANK YOU for doing all this work for all of us!

Information is power.  Go be powerful. xo


3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Here Before, Right? (for the USA)

  1. So sorry to hear that you are going through this again, Alecia:-(

    A few years ago I asked my endo for a Humalog sample just to try it and see if it would be a huge problem if my insurance required it. For me it wasn’t a big deal, but for others it is. I’ve never had insurance that covers Apidra.

    My insurance premiums are going up 60% next year, but at least I know they cover everything. And then it’s down the yellow brick road to Medicare for me….

    It’s a scary world out there. Thinking of you-

  2. So sorry you’ve had to endure this gauntlet. I am one of the lucky ones with good coverage at the moment (though dancing and rap are okay by me, I am already married and trust me, I’m not worth the trouble), though I have prescription issues because Novolog is not on the plan’s formulary list even though it was a couple of years ago. In addition to reduced cost and more access, I would really like to see consistency in insurance coverage. They’re still making money… why should they make so much simply because I can’t cure my diabetes? And why do different plans cover different things… differently, or not at all?

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