Wordless Wednesday, Hoarding

While searching my purse for some notes I’d taken, I found yet another secret compartment.  Here are the contents: One Touch Ultra used test strip (AKA diabetes jewelry supplies), used Dexcom 7+ sensor (AKA hey-can-I-make-jewelry-out-of-this-? supply), iBGStar USB demo, 1 slightly crushed Skittle.

Standard diabetes paraphernalia, no?

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, Hoarding

  1. i had to dump my purse out on the counter of the hotel the other night to find my credit card…there was a handful of used test strips, 2 uncapped lancets, 3 batteries, a fine multi-colored dust from the M&M package that had fallen open, a couple of vitamins, and a catheter introducer needle. i bet the guy was sorry he insisted on a credit card…when i was done, i just swept it all back in my purse…..

  2. There’s a story behind that Skittle, I’m sure. Maybe you were about to over-correct a low but then let better judgement prevail, and you put the Skittle back? Or maybe your sweaty hands were shaking so badly as you tried to shove all the Skittles in your mouth at once, unknowingly dropping it in your purse’s secret compartment.

    What did you do after you took the photo? Did you eat the Skittle? I would.

    • Contemplated eating but it was a little smushed and maybe, possibly, a little linty? I didn’t toss it either. Its sitting in front in my office to remind me to clean my purse.*
      *I am well on my way to becoming a hoarder. I simply didn’t throw it away. I didn’t clean my purse either. I will probably find it stuck to the bottom of my shoe tomorrow. I made still save it after that too. I shouldn’t bother with diabetes blogs. I should be following recovering hoarders!

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