I’m a Loser Baby

I have been known to lose things.  In Junior High it was my jean jacket (ok there may have been more than 1, or 2 or even 3 jackets that got left on a sports field).  In college my school ID (which enabled me to get in and out of my dorm) occasionally disappeared.  It was a cold environment, maybe my ID went on vacation someplace warm?

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you may have witnessed my upsetting day in December (read: freaking the eff out) when I lost my Dexcom 7+ receiver on the subway.  It was 12 (my favorite number) days before I was due to upgrade to the Dexcom G4.  It also happened to be 12/12/12 which possibly made me cry harder (brutal end to the day).

I’d never lost my 7+ before (misplaced in my bed or in the pocket of a coat doesn’t count), so when my G4 arrived, I immediately labeled it.  I wish I could remember where I’d seen it, but when I got my 7+, I read that you should write “MEDICAL DEVICE” on it (robbers would rather take an Ipod right?).  This is what my G4 has looked like since the day it arrived (and no I haven’t lost it):

Dex label

Yes, it is legible on my Dex but putting my address and phone number on a blog seems like a rather bad idea.

Also, my business card is tucked into the awkward Dexcom G4 case too.

Not a Wordless Wednesday post but how about a Wonderful Wednesday Tip?

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