Photo Week in Review 2/11/13


From top left: There was a day this week that the Dexcom graph looked THAT nice.  100 seems like a pretty special number, worthy of Photo of the Week.

This is a pic of what a diabetes headache looks like.  At one point towards the end of that graph I was on a very crowded subway at rush hour.  I could feel something vibrating in my front pocket and something also vibrating on the back of my waistband.  My winter coat is long, zipped up,  and there was no room to move (plus I’m paranoid of losing my Dex on the subway).  When I got to my stop and had a chance to look, the Dexcom was alarming with a Double Arrow down at 137.  My pump on my back waistband was alarming because the low battery had turned to “your battery is DEAD”.  Yikes!  I drank an entire bottle of cranberry juice in line at the bodega and luckily had an extra lithium battery in my purse.  A very wicked headache indeed. A few hours later I was crashing again.  Ugh.

That baby carrot came out of the bag that way, last night (doggie snack time).  It seemed appropriate as it was Valentine’s Day.

When my Valentine’s Day plans got canceled, I decided it was time to be brave.  I did my first site insertion in my (sort of) back area.  It’s only taken me almost 13 years of pumping and a few months of considering this spot to finally just do it.  Truth be told, I don’t like it.  I’m wearing ridiculously low jeans today because the site placement is just in-the-way.  It annoyed me multiple times in the gym this morning. The site itself isn’t absorbing any better and in my opinion, the absorption seems better on my upper tummy.  Also, I highly dislike this photo.  I am as pale as Casper and definitely need to spend more time in the gym before my vacation!  Next back site, I think I’ll try lower, more at the top of my butt.

Happy Friday! xo


3 thoughts on “Photo Week in Review 2/11/13

  1. i used to use that area, and top of butt regularly, but as i have gotten older and less flexible, i can’t quite manage it….plus hte MNMD is a 2 handed insertion,,,do you use an inserter to get it way back there? see ya soon!

  2. So, before your pump battery dies, does it pump as much insulin as it can in one last breath of life? Or was this just a coincidence (and an odd one at that!).

    I use my lower back, but with a different infusion set (the Sure-T) and it works fine. Since the actual infusion site is so low-profile; practically flat; I don’t know it’s there. I’ve used the really-low-back aka really-high-butt area in the past (with the Medtronic Silhouette AKA Animas Comfort – the angled one), and found it comfortable at first. But with all the sitting-down and standing-up, there was so much movement in the body tissue there that, after 2 1/2 days, it irritated the hell out of me. My blood sugars definitely were worse on Day 3 as well. Just a word of caution if you try that spot, but of course YDMV.

    • It was so crazy. I knew battery was dying but thought I had a lot more time left. Had I known pump had stopped, I think I might not have been quite so aggressive treating that low. Live and learn (well hopefully this scenario was a once in a lifetime occurrence).

      I’m using the Animas Inset 6mm (90 degree angle) which may have been part of the problem. The site never got better but my next one I put more on top/side of butt/hip. That was soooo much better but really not an option with skinny jeans. I need to keep experimenting! Thanks Scott! xo

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