Week In Review 3/25/13

I haven’t done a photo Week In Review in a while.  I had a lot of pics to choose from this week! D week memeFrom top left: Beginning of the week site change had a surprising result.  It didn’t hurt and insulin was being absorbed just fine.  Ahhh, D surprises!

My second site change of the week left me with another mark.  This one I think was made worse by sitting in my skinny jeans for way too long.  Let’s face it, “skinny jeans” is a really misleading term.  They do not make me look skinny.  They should be called what they are, “too tight jeans”.  Either way, my vacation is over and I need to get back to more balanced eating and my normal workout routine.  Skinny jeans?  Currently too tight.

The next pic is every diabetic’s nightmare.  BG of 82 sounds pretty nice… Double arrow down? NOT nice, not nice at all.  This image is EXACTLY why I love having a CGM.  If my meter said 82, I might take a little snack (like 5 grams of carb).  Double arrow down rings in my head like this, “EMERGENCY SITUATION IS COMING, REACT NOW!!!!”.  I was fine and dandy folks.  All good!

Last image has nothing to do with diabetes.  That grumpy little girl is my sister when she was a baby (please note: you don’t see me in the photo, but this was the night of my Senior Prom which is just bizarre).  M text me this week the image of my sister, and then that Grumpy Cat who seems to be all over the interwebs.  This pic absolutely positively cracks me up.  Seriously I can not look at Grumpy Sis/ Grumpy Cat, without smiling.  We all could use a smile right?

Have a great weekend folks! xo

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