No Charge

I am currently on vacation.  As any D knows, there’s a lot of planning that goes into packing D supplies… getting prescriptions filled, double checking all your gear, bringing back-ups to your back-ups.

Things have changed in my diabetes world in the past 2 years.  Well lots of things have changed but the one that explains this post is that I have rechargeable devices.  These devices combined with all the other rechargeable, non-diabetes devices that may eventually lead to my mental demise.

1 charger didn't come on vacation.

1 charger didn’t come on vacation.

My current cast of mental demise making characters involve the following items: Macbook (1 charger), Kindle (1 charger that charges from Macbook), IPhone 5 (1 charger that charges from Macbook), Mophie case (to give Iphone extra charge so I don’t run out of power) (1 charger), Dexcom (looks EXACTLY like charger for Mophie case but they don’t work interchangeably) (1 charger), Verio IQ (charger looks like the old, old blackberry charger, 1 charger).

So yes, I should have 6 chargers with me on this trip.  I have 5.  I am missing the Verio IQ charger.  I am with most of my family.  I have ransacked their bags.  There are a ton of chargers.  3 different types of cellphone chargers, 4 different laptop chargers, one iPod charger, an iPad charger, and a Kindle charger.  There is NOT one charger out of all these items that will fit my Verio IQ.  THIS is a problem.

I was in Manhattan when hurricane Sandy struck.  I had plenty of time to prepare.  I had my to-go bags.  My dog had a to-go bag.  I reinforced my windows.  I had a flashlight.  I saved water.  I watched the news and worried UNTIL my power went out.  I kept texting my sister (a newbie Manhattanite).  I wanted her to stay safely inside and be prepared.  Power gradually diminished on my phone.  By “gradually”, I mean really quickly.  I did all the things you do to conserve power on your phone… turned off apps, reduced the brightness, turned off wifi.  The next morning my phone had barely any power.  My home had NO power. I could not reach my sister.  I packed-up and headed north.  I found power at Avis on 43rd street. They let me charge my phone.  My sister was ok and not evacuated (her whole neighborhood lacked power too).

I didn’t get power back for over a week.  When I say I didn’t get power back, I mean my home, office and gym, all the places I would have gone to charge stuff.  I stuck it out 3 days in my home but the lack of running water and the creepiness of my neighborhood eventually got the best of me.  The dog and I sofa surfed for 4 days.  I was constantly turning off my phone because I was concerned, when I was below Manhattan’s power line, I needed to save it for an emergency.  Although batteries were at a premium, I watched people with powerstrip cords charging all their gear at ATM terminals.  I pretty much decided that week that this rechargeable stuff may be “better’ for the environment BUT it is super stressful to me.

Chase Bank ATM - Manhattan above 42nd street

Chase Bank ATM – Manhattan above 42nd street

I saw someone with a T-Slim pump last week in my endo’s office.  I saw the pump for maybe 2 seconds.  Seeing the T-Slim being used in real life was cool.  Diabetes technology is cool.  A rechargeable pump would give me a friggin’ heart attack.  Seriously my stomach just did that knotty, No-No thing just thinking about it.

I gotta stop writing this post now.  I’m on vacation and have to figure out how I’m going to charge my glucose meter.  Give me a damn battery please.



5 thoughts on “No Charge

  1. It bugs me too! You shoulda seen me at the Grand Canyon, tent camping! I didn’t have my lap top, but the new phone didn’t last all day and I’d forgotten my real camera…every time I went to camper services, I plugged in the cgm receiver….I am going to Europe in the fall. this should be infuriating…

  2. Wow… wish I could help. You’re probably thinking of this already, but you may have to find a backup meter. I know the Verio IQ is very popular among those who have it, so I feel your pain. Hope the rest of the vacation is a lot better.

  3. I hear you about the charging thing. My meter. the Bayer Contour Nextlink, is the only rechargeable device I have, and I need to force myself to recharge it before vacation. (Well, my CGM transmitter is rechargeable, but it charges with a AAA battery, oddly). Batteries are more comforting.

    My suggestion to you – depending on how long your vacation is – is to go to a local CVS/Walgreens/whatever and buy the cheap store-brand meter to use in the interim. There’s probably a mail-in-warranty that will get you your money back. Or, if you don’t mind revealing your whereabouts to the world, put a call out to the DOC to see if someone can loan you a charger.

  4. I too get stressed out trying to pack for trip these days. I had it down to a science until I started getting more rechargeable equipment. Then I’m stressed when I come home, because I’m afraid I’ll leave a charger in a hotel room, or a friends spare room. My insurance company sent me a rechargeable meter, I won’t use it because of the rechargable battery. (Plus I discovered it’s horribly inaccurate.)

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