Weekend Update – Cloning Plans


No time for blogging this week.  Not enough sleep… ever.  Must. NOT. GET. RUN. Down.

1.  JDRF NYC WALK- Still trying to get ready (there’s really no such thing as ready right?) and delivering as many shirts to people as possible the past few days (riding Citi Bikes like the Wicked Witch of the West also refering to myself as Mr. McFeely and making “speedy deliveries”).  I have no idea how I am going to get so much stuff (props, shirts, all my normal D stuff, baton, pom-pons) to the Walk site.  Must do laundry in next 48 hours.  Also must try cloning myself between loads of laundry.  Looking to make multiple clones.  Will definitely kill one clone for new pancreas.  If my current pancreas worked for 6 years-ish, I am excited for my new, cloned, works-for-6-years, pancreas.  Going to send other clones off to do projects.  I will definitely have my real self go to the Walk,  and will leave the clones at home to walk the dog and clean.  I hope they clean better than I do.  Hey future clones, the bar is NOT high at ALL (the home is a mess though).

IMG_42742. Due to demand (I know, that truly sounds ludicrous), we are offering a SECOND printing of our JDRF WALK Team shirts.  Lots of styles:  men’s, women’s, kiddie-poos.  I LOVE these shirts but, I am biased.  Proceeds go to JDRF.  Cool shirt goes to YOU!  <- Click there.  Get a shirt!

Our shirt sale ENDS Tuesday 10/1 (I can’t believe it’s almost October).


3.  A friend is making me a Dexcom case.  Yes, he has a rapid prototyping machine.  He is most likely going to kill me for posting this pic (but maybe he’ll be fooled by a clone and the one he kills can be the one I get the pancreas from?).  Hopefully he won’t see this before the Walk Sunday.  He was on my very first Walk Team in 2001.  As for the case, he has been prototyping samples with dimensions he found online (not using my actual Dexcom receiver).  Yes, this is kind of totally awesome.


What I love about this photo… we are in a restaurant.  My friend has my Dexcom in a case that doesn’t quite fit.  There are calipers on the table.  We appear to be doing important stuff.  He is holding a glass of wine.  This is what we call a very productive design meeting.

4.  If you live on the East Coast and don’t already know this, WaWa makes the best coffee.  Also my favorite, and best tasting milk.  WaWa supports JDRF.  WaWa’s coffee just got THAT much better.  I wasn’t always a New Yorker people.  Support businesses that support JDRF.

Special thanks to my baby bro for taking the time to get me these pics.  Let's go Eagles.

Special thanks to my baby bro for taking the time to get me these pics. Let’s go Eagles.

5.  I hope this laundry/cloning thing works out.  I change what I said before.  I would bring 2 clones to The Walk but dye their hair so everyone wouldn’t be confused.  I really need them to help me get all this stuff to Foley Square and pay for the cab.  One clone could carry my silver backpack (how else will people see the back of my shirt?) and the other one could help lug stuff around all day and get me a snack and maybe some coffee.  I’d put a clone in charge of our Walk Team table.  I’d go chat with the Animas rep about the VIBE.  I’d go visit my buddies over at Team Hoffmanderson and also a new friend at Team Pigs Are Precious. I’d put that clone to work (I “may” be taking this too far.  Lack ‘O Sleep).


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update – Cloning Plans

  1. Ah, Mr. McFeeley! What a blast from the past! He was always ethical, though, no cloning or anything like that. And I’m pretty sure he had his own bike that he used to ride around the Neighborhood, not a fancy blue rented CitiBike.

    For the record, Quick-chek, North Jersey’s equivalent of Wawa, has even better coffee. They also sell JDRF paper sneakers and have a jar by the register to collect money for diabetes-related causes year-round. Other than the one incident where I’m convinced I got regular Coke from the diet Coke fountain, I think the owners must have a real personal connection to diabetes.

    Is there really going to be an Animas Vibe rep there? I am so totally going to dominate that table.

    Send one of your clones to walk with the Hoffmandersons. They deserve to have you on their team.

  2. I hope you’re really well. I work for JDRF in Australia in our fundraising and events team and I’m currently working on our national gala ball events and this year’s theme in New York.
    We have four events in May. I recently found your I heart NY Walk t-shirts when googling and think they’re awesome! I would love our volunteers to wear these shirts on the night of the gala ball. As it will be a lot cheaper to have them made over here to save on shipping etc (we also have a great supplier that makes shirts very cheaply for us), I wondered if you would be happy to send over the awesome artwork and I’ll get them made here? I will of course send over lots of photos of the volunteer in action!

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,

    Helen Barker
    National Event Manager – JDRF Gala Ball

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