Don’t Fall For Pretty

If you are going to bed, and see this:


Note the time.  Started treating 5 minutes before this photo.

Note the time.  Started treating 5 minutes before this photo.





Because apparently my NEW emergency juice is low calorie which means = LOW CARBOHYDRATE.

And then THIS will happen:

NOTE the time.

NOTE the time.

At almost 11:35 pm, after BGs hovering between 49 and 54 for a FULL 30 minutes and feeling my heart racing, tears welling in my eyes over and over as my brain short circuited, (but oddly not sweating), panic creeping further and further into my body, I looked at the Gatorade label.  5 grams of carb per serving.  Like drinking air.

Who knew Gatorade made such a low carb drink?  As a non-Gatorade drinker, I picked the WRONG emergency juice to have at home, but the purple had looked so pretty.

Learn from my mistakes people.



7 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For Pretty

  1. glucose tablets, 100% of the time…use orange they taste like giant baby aspirin so you aren’t encouraged to munch on them like the yummy grape ones…..and why G2?? Drexler always used to say sip some diluted gatorade while working out…so you don’t get the full force of the sugar, but you stay hydrated, AND you keep yourself from tanking mid workout…..I prefer PowerAde Strawberry….yummers…hope you had a better night!!

  2. Oops!

    G2 = low carb/calorie

    G = the regular stuff

    I buy Gatorade just about weekly for the dudes in the shop at work, so I have gotten pretty good at double checking the labels before purchasing.

  3. I like to use Gatorade for workouts so luckily I checked the carb amount on the G2 and noticed there weren’t enough. But a very easy mistake to make! And thank you for the info. Sorry you had to endure that 🙁

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