Batman Makes Dexcom Appearance

Yesterday.  Day off from gym.  No overnight basal reduction needed (or so I thought).  Exciting dinner of avocado and PopCorners (OMG they are so good).  Glass of wine.  Went to bed. Fought Dexcom beeping lows from 12:30am onward.  Slept in normal spot… inside of bed (against wall).  On outside of bed: Ipad, cellphone, Dexcom, dog, dog’s BFF toy Froggie, entire jar of Glucolift tablets.  Ate periodic tabs.  Hugged dog.  Dog annoyed. BG would come back up, but still too low.

Dragged this morning.  Shower.  Coffee.  Subway.  Therapy.  Latte.  Dexcom beeping.  Too high. Correction + bolus.  Bought flowers for office.  Subway.  Office.  Shared piece of toast with office mate. Bolus. More coffee.  Bg too high.  mini Correction.  Work.  Make jokes.  Realize no one likes rap Friday.   More working.  BG still to high.  Must be patient.  Busy.  Go to check Dexcom.  Straight arrow down.  Candy.  Keep working.  More beeping.  Double arrow down.  Use last (very old) Quick Stick. Wait.  Sad that Quick Stick is gone. Put quarters in JDRF jar for all the F-bombs I dropped.  $1.50 total.

Quick Sticks

Quick Sticks

And then ***PRESTO*** …..

Dexcom Batman!

Dexcom Batman

Dexcom Batmanhow-to-draw-batman-easy-step-6_1_000000094181_3

Not the ideal BUT there’s gotta be some entertainment value in this right?


2 thoughts on “Batman Makes Dexcom Appearance

  1. ok i am not a doctor, but in my experience, i would say your perhaps your night time basals are possibly too high.and also, maybe your “reaction time” to the boluses is a little longer than average – maybe it has changed due to the site you are using, or the age of the site, or the phase of the moon. You have to not panic when you see the up arrow and bolus – remember the insulin on board rule, i know you know all this but it is really ok to run a little high and not chase every number over 130, That way you can avoid the evil DOWN arrows. And you have such a narrow window of acceptable blood sugars. Maybe you need to take your insulin fully 30 -40 minutes before you eat so you are actually heading down when you eat. If your top number is 150, sure, you are going to see more double up arrows.

    Really, Alecia, I love you so much and i’d worry less about the day time highs and focus on getting that nighttime low thing taken care of. You live alone, so those lows need to be the exception, not the norm that you have alarms going off all night. You really did not eat much for dinner, but the avocado and wine are both metabolized as fats so they slowed down the absorbtion of the popcorners, maybe wine at lunch instead? And some protein at bed time? You will sleep better….(they say) Batman would approve, i think…at least Christian Bale Batman would. Not so sure about Clooney or Keaton Batman…


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