Photo Week in Review 1/21/13

Just some images that explain this week (and happy Friday).

Wk review 1.21

From top left: NEW D toys matched up for the first time since my robot self was upgraded in December.  I love that they matched at an awesome number (yes, I have doggie sheets).

My Dec G4 sensor was more OFF than stuck ON me by Tuesday.  I was waiting it out since I still hadn’t received new sensors and was growing concerned.  I’d only received 4 sensors with my initial shipment (unlike my 7+ where I got 3 boxes from the beginning).

Look what arrived!  Yep, a phone call and less than 48 hours and *presto*!  Sensors Ahoy!

It’s Friday which means Blue Friday and me taking off pics of myself at my desk.  Since it is FREEZING in my office, I will be wearing this cozy scarf all day and possibly gloves and my hat with ear flaps.

2 thoughts on “Photo Week in Review 1/21/13

  1. Comments from top-left:
    – I didn’t even notice the doggie sheets until you brought it up. Cute!
    – When you don’t have bling on your sensors, they get sad and try to run away.
    – So I get why the old Dex has a big 7 in the name; it’s how long you can wear it. But that big green 4 in a circle on the new ones is a bit misleading. Maybe it’s just a reverse-color Lexington Avenue Line kinda thing.
    – I never wear scarves. I honestly don’t know how to wear them and it ends up like I’m putting a noose around my neck.

    But the best picture of all is the new one you have at the top of the blog! Looks awesome! I’m sure that’s not from this week…

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