Wordless Wednesday Dress-ups

Dazzled insulin

Let’s face it shall we?  My purse is an incredible place.  A lost & found, a glucose tablet cave, a world of gum wrappers, or just the Land Of The Lost?  Yesterday I pulled out a bottle of insulin to do a site change.  It felt odd.  That’s because it felt bumpy.  I don’t know what’s going on in that purse but things are getting freaky or maybe just fancy?

Hey Insulin, if you’re having a party in there, rock out with your bad self and thanks for keeping me alive, you sexy Diva, you.  xo

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Dress-ups

  1. that is hilarious!! I keep mine in an empty pill bottle…i got the pharmacy to print out the prescription label and I slapped it on the pill bottle…it is way out of date, but at least it is a “prescription” that can be tracked down in case I need it… miss you girl….

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