Wordless Wednesday The Back Story

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. My steady stream of shirty BGs have proven that bronchitis and diabetes are a horrendous combination. My health has started to improve in the last 3 days. These pics are from yesterday. That 125 made me want to cry with joy. That line looks divine. Scrolling back, you see the real story. It isn’t pretty, it certainly didn’t feel good, but it’s part of my diabetes story. Keep trying, keep trying.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday The Back Story

  1. oh honey, I feel ya. I wake up and see an awesome “last 3 hours” and think, great! hen I scroll back in time and find the last 12 were bile rising roller coaster rides. I “SAY” I will take perfection in 3 hour chunks, but a 6 hour one every now and then would really be nice……..hang in there!

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