Robots for my Robot Parts

Please note: I’ve never met a sequin or piece of glitter I didn’t like.

You MAY have noticed, I have gotten VERY into decorating my Dexcom.  When it’s starting to look fuzzy around the edges, I go into fancify mode (yeah I made that up).  IV300 works best on top of the stickers (keeps ’em on) and I need it anyway to help my Dex last a few more days.

Yep, that’s right.  Pink ruffle dress and oh, wait, what’s that there?  Looks like a Dexcom site.  But there’s something on it.  A little glittery?  A little shiny?

So yep, here are some robots, you know, to go with my robot parts (of course). I am only responding to the name Mrs. Roboto today (or until it’s time for some new decorations).

I have entirely too much fun with this.