The First Time

I have another post over at A Sweet Life today.  I wish I’d done a better job editing but it was a bit (totally and completely) rushed.  I am still in the Artificial Pancreas clinical trial and there continues to be lots more information to share.  The more people who know about this program, the better.  The more people willing to participate, the better.  And the more people who get involved in fundraising for crucial research, the better.  My experience is proof of a JDRF grant at work and testament to the incredible and honorable dedication of teams at both Mt. Sinai New York City and the University of Virginia.

2 other things:

1.  This is my DiAs screen from last night.  The loop is CLOSED in this photo and I am supposed to be asleep (and a cool view of the Empire State Building):



2.  I was briefly reunited with my dog today.  He smells less than superb and I don’t care: