Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop (My Dexcom Song)


A super brief update from the Dexcom/insurance debacle.  I received a bill from the 3rd party (wait 2nd party?  Oo-la-la!  A fiesta!) that supplied my “new” Dexcom G4.  The bill was not for the full bazillion dollars but for the co-pay/prescription plan.  Interesting.  I also received my next 3 month shipment of Dexcom sensors.  Although I do NOT have it in writing (trying), it appears my Medical Denial was indeed overturned and it was NOT because of the 2nd or 3rd party supplier (it’s 2nd right?  Why am I so confused on this?) BUT because I went a little nutso and my doctor had a peer-to-peer review with one of the doctors from the medical insurance company.  Again I do NOT have this in writing (I do have about 10 copies of the denial letter though) but I’m willing to put myself out there and consider this a win.


In other news, I am 61% to my JDRF Ride goal.  In 45 days, (how is this even possible so soon???!? I NEED MORE TIME) I will be riding 100 Miles in Burlington, Vermont.  I still can’t believe I’m doing this (well trying, I haven’t done it yet and my longest ride so far is 65 miles which did NOT go well… but more on that and my NEW game plan, maybe next week).

When I started Alecia’s Stem Cells (JDRF Walk team), in 2001, we collectively raised just over $7000.  Little did I know then how much the team would grow and even go on to walk in other cities.  Switching to the Ride program is like starting all over again.  I am cycling fetus.  Everything is new to me and there is just so much trial and error (and some crashing).  It has been a bit of a relief to not deal with organizing so many people and everyone’s travel plans but on the flip side, the training and time commitment to Ride are significant (read: A LOT).  Want to help me get beyond 61%?  Check out this PAGE… If you could share this link with other, I’d be beyond appreciative!

Cool tan lines courtesy of cycling gear!

bike hands