Wordy Wednesday – Strength

I had something else planned for Wordless Wednesday but the quote below crossed my path and stopped me in my tracks this morning.

This applies to things far, far beyond diabetes, huh?

And to the person I was thinking about at the exact moment I saw this quote, this is for you.  You are a star in my world.  xo

“When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you,

let it destroy you,

or you can let it strengthen you.”

Ricochet. Grrrrrrr.

Ricochet. Grrrrrrr.

And in other news, this morning’s awesome Viper workout (oh boy am I going to be sore) resulted in a bg of 82 and a straight down Dexcom arrow in the last 5 minutes.  Grrrrr *shaking fist at sky*.  Quick Sticks to the rescue but I was running so late, and didn’t have time to wait it out before I hopped in the shower.  I am almost positive I washed my hair with body gel and washed my body with conditioner.  My skin feels very slippery (but soft and detangled).  I’m not-so-patiently chasing down the ricochet bg high that is occurring.  Ah diabetes… why so sassy today?




Wordless Wednesday Dress-ups

Dazzled insulin

Let’s face it shall we?  My purse is an incredible place.  A lost & found, a glucose tablet cave, a world of gum wrappers, or just the Land Of The Lost?  Yesterday I pulled out a bottle of insulin to do a site change.  It felt odd.  That’s because it felt bumpy.  I don’t know what’s going on in that purse but things are getting freaky or maybe just fancy?

Hey Insulin, if you’re having a party in there, rock out with your bad self and thanks for keeping me alive, you sexy Diva, you.  xo

Wordless Wednesday The Back Story

It’s been a challenging couple of weeks. My steady stream of shirty BGs have proven that bronchitis and diabetes are a horrendous combination. My health has started to improve in the last 3 days. These pics are from yesterday. That 125 made me want to cry with joy. That line looks divine. Scrolling back, you see the real story. It isn’t pretty, it certainly didn’t feel good, but it’s part of my diabetes story. Keep trying, keep trying.


Wordy Wednesday – Missing A Cape

Every diabetic (regardless of type) knows the importance of heart health.  At the risk of sounding harsh and/or critical, if you are diabetic and NOT concerned about your heart and circulatory system, then I hope the rock you are living under is warm and cozy.

Months ago, in the depths of winter, Cherise hosted a DSMA chat (diabetes social media advocacy chat)  about exercising during the cold winter months and how do we stay motivated.  I ended up in a conversation during the chat with some of my #DOC Dweeps (diabetic Twitter friends) about keeping each other motivated and that I would essentially take the role of “Drill Sargent”.  Our group has grown over the months and there are so many “@” names on the tweets that there is barely room for a message (140 characters is clearly not enough).  It is not particularly organized but the tweets are a great reminder to keep yourself moving and nice little pat on the back from your friends.

This morning it was POURING rain here in NYC.  I had plans to be at the gym before work.  I packed up my bags, put on my rain gear and sloshed through puddles on my way to the gym, quickly realizing that the rain was already IN my boots, soaking through every layer of my clothing and my umbrella was serving as little more than a lightning stick.  When I arrived at the gym, my fingerprint wouldn’t register at check-in because water was pouring out the cuffs of my raincoat sleeves.  It’s funny that I considered this a problem because about 1 second later I discovered a far greater problem, I’d worn my rain/snow boots and FORGOT my sneakers!

There was no chance to run home and get my sneakers, workout and make it to work on time, even if I skipped a shower (EWWWWW).  Some quick thinking and a bunch of questions later, a decision was made.  I believe strongly in commitments.  I believe in having goals.  I believe in ME (even if I don’t feel that confident all the time). My only regret is that I lacked a cape.  Enjoy this one folks!

Yes, my boots are BLUE.

Yes, my boots are BLUE.