I See

I left an appointment last night (therapy or what I refer to as “Feelings”), walked out the door and turned right (East).  As I walked down the street, something seemed bright behind me but I was busy with my phone.  I turned the corner, and people were facing West, snapping photos with their phones.  I spun around and was surprised to see Manhattanhenge was still happening.  I thought it was over already and I had missed it the last few evenings.  I snapped a quick pic too and turned North.  At every intersection, I looked left (West) and there was always someone snapping a photo.  Many people stopped in the middle of the road (be careful New Yorkers).  I took a photo at every cross street too.  The 3rd intersection was THE Moment.  Blinding orange light.  So much more beautiful than the photo below.

Stop and look.

Stop and look.

I kept walking and looking left.  I realized I was smiling.  I was smiling because last weekend on my 55 mile bike ride (yes, I rode 55 miles on the bike…. AGAIN).  I had a brief conversation about diabetes and eyes.  I shocked a fellow cyclist by describing how much aggressive laser eye treatments I’d had 15 years ago.  As I walked and soaked in the changing views of Manhattanhenge, I kept thinking how easily I get caught-up in problems and life’s stress.  There are times that I forget how very fortunate I am. How important it is to embrace and celebrate the act of being grateful.  I kept thinking about this as I turned right (I zig zagged homeword) onto the same street as my church.

I heard from the Pastor of my church this week as he has not seen me in a while and was concerned.  I had emailed him back explaining that I am still alive, training for a 100 mile bike ride (God help me, no really, please God, keep me on the bike and upright), and that I had been away a few Sundays as well (you know when I’m not falling off the bike), and I skipped the part that there have been times when I simply didn’t feel like going.  As I walked past the church, thinking how I should really make some time to visit with the Pastor (he’s such a good, thoughtful man, even though he’s a Buffalo Sabers fan), I saw the sign outside.


Perfect timing.

This morning, I saw THIS ARTICLE and yes, the tears started flowing.  THIS is what I tested in the Artificial Pancreas clinical trial.  In summary, this version of the AP is headed towards commercialization.  Huge news along with the Bigfoot announcements this week.

Human clinical trials of AP and Bionic Pancreas systems are happening.  Human clinical trials of encapsulation are happening.  Human clinical trials of Smart insulin are happening soon!  I completely and totally understand the frustration of wanting the CURE, but I am grateful that huge steps in technology and better treatments are on the horizon and I am still around to “see” this happening.

Now, I just need to stay on that damn bike,  increase my stamina and get to my fundraising goal!