New Rates And Some Other Stuff

Endo appointment yesterday.  Didn’t have high hopes (high, ha) as I have been running way TOO high lately, especially overnight.  A1c is a higher than it has been in 3 years.  Disappointing but not surprising (up .3 BUT that takes me to the next whole number and that I seriously dislike).  Also gained a chunk of weight.  More than I thought, but not upsetting as I missed having a butt.  Baby Got Back can’t be my favorite song without some junk in the trunk right?

Adjusted some basal rates with my doctor as the last adjustments did zilch.

New basals worked way TOO well overnight. Ooof.  This morning’s headache plus allergies was like being b*tched slapped by my pump and then a bag of freshly cut grass… over and over again.


Also, I found a whole bunch of hearts this morning. And TONS the last few days.  Timing. Found: hearts . I still have a lot to add.  I find myself walking routes where I know I will see hearts that I’ve already met.  If nothing else, it’s a good breathing exercise.  See a heart, take a HUGE deep breath.

According to FitBit, I’m averaging just shy of 40 miles a week.  How the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is that possible?!?  Amazing.  That’s all walking!  Cray.

There appears to be another shot (shots, ha) at my getting into an artificial pancreas trial.  I don’t want to think too much about it and set myself up for disappointment but the idea of this old body being used for diabetes progress is deliriously exciting.  Stop thinking about it.  Easier to say than do.

My 35th diaversary is approaching next month.  My feelings on this are a tangled web.  I should write about that, as maybe I’m not the only one?  35 years of this fear and giving myself incessant mental pep talks is a really long time.

In other news, my eye is FINALLY healing (and an allergy puff ball).


This past Saturday, I said goodbye to two of the very biggest Alecia’s Stem Cells supporters.  They were with me from the very beginning of founding ASC.  Saturday would have been their 60th wedding anniversary.  Now they are back together.  Also, being on a moving dock with ashes is a possible recipe for disaster.  Life is short.  Never lose sight of the wonderful experiences you’ve had along the way.  The people who believe in you… hug them, love them, appreciate them.  Sappy-McSappster moment.


A few other random thoughts and observations:  50 Cent should stick to rap, I need to try pump sites in my lower back, Maya Angelou was one hell of a woman, and I may have seen Apollo Creed at a train station in Jersey on memorial day.









Giraffe Masquerade

This morning I had my 3 month Endo appointment.  I’ve decided I’m not ready to write about this appointment, yet.  Time to process.  My A1C was acceptable but elevated by .2% which wasn’t shocking or even surprising.  My problem though was with the rushed, interrupted and frankly uncomfortable conversation I had with my doctor today.  When I call the situation “not cool”, it is because I apparently cursed so much my first 15 minutes back at my office, that I may be in “time out” the rest of the day.

So, I left my doctor’s office this morning, shaking my head a bit.  The wind definitely knocked right smack out of my sails.  I started to walk and thought how very much I needed to find a heart  (note: if you follow me on Twitter, you get this.  I find hearts.  The hearts actually just found a new home but only a few have moved there so far.  Work in progress people, work in progress).  So I started walking.  I planned to calm down, shake it off a bit, find a heart, breathe, maybe grab a bite to eat and hop on the subway.

I never stopped for a snack, I realized the Upper East Side of Manhattan has a distinct lack of graffiti (especially on Madison Avenue), and I walked close to 50 blocks before I found this glorious yellow heart:

yellow heart leaf






While I attempt to wrap my head around today’s appointment, I leave you with the following from my post-endo walk:



Somehow an inflatable giraffe wearing a fancy masquerade mask did cheer me a bit.