Follow Directions?

I know I still need to post what happened with the eye doctor especially after #DBlogCheck day led to such an incredible outpouring of “good luck” messages (thanks Chris, I had no idea I needed it, but I definitely felt encouraged).  I am still collecting my eyeball thoughts so for now, I have a little ditty about directions (I would not suggest singing this, more like hey-read-this, know-you-are-smarter-than-me, enjoy-your-far-superior-mind).



This morning I put my broken slidy door Dexcom receiver in it’s return-to-Dexcom packaging.  It’s been fun, Dexy.  You’re a good egg (well you’re not a 7+ so you’re less eggy and more old school original iPod-esque).  I took off the rubber band that helps me keep the receiver in my pocket (friction, yo!) and placed the rubber band on my *NEW* receiver.  Sad, but I need non busted gear.  Dexcom provided everything I needed to ship Ye Ole Busted Dex back.  Packaging, paperwork, FedEx envelop, shipping labels.  I got to my office, sealed up the envelop, put on the shipping label and placed everything on an office mate’s desk where our daily FedEx shipments are picked up.  Bye-bye Dex.

My office mate came to my office to drop off a shipment.  Nope, that’s going out, not FOR me, FROM me.  She’s super busy.  No problem.  FedEx package back to her desk.  I walked up front a bit later.  She was holding up my FedEx package.  Was she going to try to deliver it to me again?  Nope. “It’s buzzing”.  Yep, buzzing.  The FedEx envelop was indeed telling me my bg was above 160.  I checked the new Dex.  Yes, 171.  Hmmmm.

I took the package back to my desk.  According to NEW Dex, I was around 155 for awhile.  According to Leaving-Via-FedEx-Dexcom, I must have hovered in the 160s ALL. DAMN. AFTERNOON.  I realized I can’t (probably shouldn’t) send a buzzing box via FedEx.  I think I charged-up Broken Slidy yesterday.  That box will be buzzing for a bit.

I called Dexcom.  Explained I didn’t think I should send a buzzing box in an envelop.  The Dexcom dude agreed.  I kept talking because I thought they’d be upset.  I explained how I’ve been busy, I knew I’d had 2 receivers since Friday, I was sorry, I drank 2 cups of coffee instead of 1 today.  Blah, blah, blah.  On the other end of the phone, crickets.  I told the Dexcom dude the instructions did NOT say to turn the receiver off.  I talked about how I’ve been distracted but that the instructions should be spelled out.  Still crickets.  I finally said how the instructions said I would be charged ($) for the Dexcom if I didn’t get the receiver back in a timely manner.  I explained how I guess I could cut off the shipping info and tape it to a new FedEx envelop but I didn’t think they’d accept it.  Still no response beyond a “Um-hmm”.  I finally asked, “How long is a timely manner really?”.

“30 Days”.

So folks, if your Dexcom breaks, and they replace it, use common sense and turn OFF the receiver BEFORE you seal it on the return packaging.  If you do not follow these steps, please note you may drive your office mate insane as the box buzzes and she keeps checking her phone, convinced she’s getting messages from her daughter that aren’t showing up.

Also “timely” means “30 days”.



Don’t Bite Me (Keeping it PG)

Got to the gym early this morning.  Not nearly as early as I had hoped, but I made it.  My overnight Dexcom graph was awesome.  The basal rate changes I made a few weeks are working (well the overnight part at least), amazingly! My Dexcom numbers turned to “???” during my workout.  No biggie, short workout and the sensor (disappointingly) was ready to be changed.

Made it home to shower and a wee bit tight on time (Late for work?  Who me???).  I kept my Dexcom sensor on, hoping it would spring back to life while I scrub-a-dub-dubbed. Scrub-a-dub-Nope.

I inserted a new Dexcom site on my lower abdomen. OUCH-to-the-MOTHER-CHUCKING-OUCH!  I took the brain (ok transmitter) out of my former site/sensor but for some reason I just couldn’t get that damn brain to click into the new, why-are-you-biting-me sensor.  Was I LOW?  I’d been in range at the gym before the “???” started.  Hmmmm.  The sensor site still hurt, the brain just wouldn’t snap in.  I COULD get the brain (ok transmitter) to click back into the sensor that was now dangling from the edge of my bathroom sink (so everything seemed to still be working, right?).  The site still hurt, less like a “mother-chucker” and more like a “what-the-H-E-double-hockey-sticks”.  As I kept trying to line-up the brain, I noticed something.  RED.  I took a photo to get a better view (ahhh technology).  Yep, blood coming through the sensor.  The theme song of The Beverly Hill Billies started playing in my mind.  You know the scene in the intro when Jed shoots the ground and oil starts slowly bubbling to the surface?  Yep, that was happening with my Dexcom site.  Damn I was really going to be late for work.



I replaced the Dexcom site, cleaned myself up, decided on a hair style I refer to as No-hair-style, and rushed to work.

If you know me, you know how very much I love my Dexcom.  One might even say I am IN-LOVE with my Dex.  So here’s the silver lining part of this story.  I called Dexcom.  I finally got a human.  I actually have no proof she was human but my gut instinct says, yes, human.  I told her the story.  I didn’t have any of the packaging information.  I have to send Dexcom the information when I get home.  They are replacing the sensor.  Yippie Skippy.

While I waited on the phone for the human, I remembered something.  That slidy door on my G4 receiver doesn’t close.  It hasn’t lost it’s sliding ability, but it gets caught on the plastic body that seems a wee bit cracked (What the heck am I talking about?  Check the photo below).  So after I went over the whole sensor-bit-into-me story, and agreed with the human lady that yes, I agree and believe I’ll have a nice bruise too, I told her about the chipped plastic no-slidy door issue.  It took maybe a minute.  My replacement sensor and my replacement receiver will arrive next week.

Dexcom chip

Dexcom chip

So maybe the pain, wasted sensor, late for work, bruise, waiting for a human was sorta worth it.  I should have called weeks ago about the receiver but kept forgetting (read: procrastinating).  Silverish lining?  Yes please, I’ll take it.



******** UPDATE********: That human lady from Dexcom was right…I’ve got a bit of a bruise.  Also I received an email confirmation that my replacement sensor and new, non-chipped receiver have been shipped as well.  All good.  Tough as nails.

New Dex sensor and my previous bleeder bruise.

New Dex sensor and my previous bleeder bruise.




*******2nd UPDATE********  I guess that chip broke off at some point.  The slidy door made a run for it.  Amazing timing by me!

Dex door