Be good. ONE Walk

little curl

How did I possibly breathe out of that nose?



There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good
She was very, very good
But when she was bad
She was horrid!



Let’s be good.  Let’s feel good.  Let’s do good.

It’s official.  Alecia’s Stem Cells NYC JDRF Walk Team is registered to walk again.

I want you.

I need you.

We need advocacy.

We need to push technology forward.

We need to a CURE.

Come walk with me.

Come support our team.

Spread the word.

Reach out.

What are you doing September 28th?  NYC.  Brooklyn.  A beautiful bridge.  13th Anniversary of the founding Alecia’s Stem Cells.  15th ASC Walk.  25th Anniversary of the JDRF Manhattan Walk.  My 35th year with a busted-up pancreas.  35…. WOW.

Type ONE, until NONE.


I need your help.


For more info, come visit Alecia’s Stem Cells.  xo


Giving the Shirt Off My Back (Well You Can Buy It)

You know the NYC JDRF Walk is coming up (September 29th) and you also may know this is the 12th Year for Alecia’s Stem Cells (NYC) Friends and Family Team.  I’ve walked a lot of walks and I certainly keep talking a lot of talks.  If you’ve done the Walk, you know it gets maybe, just maybe, a we bit redundant over the years.  I am always trying to put a new spin on it. Boston team and NYC team in ONE weekend?  Check.  Design your own Alecia’s Stem Cells iron-on shirt party?  Been there, done that too (it took FOR-EV-ER).  Pirate shirts with me in a pirate beard (Keeping the ARRRR in JDRF?) and pirate sword fights over the Brooklyn Bridge?  Yep and arrrrr.


So how do we spin it this year?  Ah my friends, this is the Until-A-Cure is found question.  I have been considering challenging my buddy Ben from Team Hoffmanderson to a Break-Off.  A Break-Off you say?  Oh yes indeed, I do say.  I would do my best breakdancing moves (I have 1 move, well sort-of 1) with Ben over the Brooklyn Bridge to raise money.  Does anyone want to even see that? Nah probably not.  Bikers would be yelling at us, kids would be tripping over us, we would give diabetes a bad name (Ha!  Like diabetes has a “good name”.  Funny stuff there).  So while I agonize over gimmicks, let me tell you a fundraising plan that IS happening… RIGHT NOW!


Over the years, we’ve had some awesome and diverse Alecia’s Stem Cells shirts.  I’ve had a slew of friends take a stab at this (no needles were actually involved).  It’s been fun/crazy/ totally stressful getting designs ready, finding printers and making the Walk deadline.  I buy the registered team member’s shirts, but it gets tricky having a set number of walkers so far in advance.  This year, our shirts were a collaborative effort (Thanks so very much Deb) and then I had the same idea I seem to have every year … oh wouldn’t it be great if we could sell some shirts?  I saw a tweet from Tina over at Stick With It Sugar where she was selling her Walk Team’s shirts through a crowd sourcing printer.  It’s a long story, like a really long story, but I had such a great call with Tina, realized we needed to use a different printer if this was even going to be an option, looked up a Forbes article where the founder of the company Tina used named his competition (to all business owners, never acknowledge the competition in an article).  I called the competition the day before a holiday weekend, had a totally surreal conversation with the Principle.  He knows my work and is a fan of my former boss.  He also understood my Do Good, Feel Good philosophy AND they could do the job AND they wanted to help!!!


So here’s the skinny.  I LOVE NY.  I HATE diabetes (See what I did there diabetes, I didn’t even give you capital letters, di-a-betes).  The back of our shirts have a tag line thought-up while looking over notes I took at a JDRF Walk Kick-Off/Research Update:

New Technologies, New Treatments, New York.


So, we are in the shirt selling business folks, But ONLY until 9/12 (SOON people, so very soon).  The shirts are great quality (Canvas and Belle who supply T shirts for Nordstrom which I wouldn’t know since we don’t have a Nordstrom in my city…. yet) and come in Mens, Ladies and even Youth sizes (this is a first for us).  Not only are the shirts cool, rad, awesome, fly, tight, sick ( <- that one annoys me), BUT the proceeds are going to JDRF!  Yep, our team fundraising efforts have a NEW spin… Team shirt sales!!!

So check ’em out and most importantly, PLEASE forward the shirt link to anyone you think might like one (or two) too!  Thanks y’all.


Diabetes Thoughts and Notes

  • I love this idea from Chris over at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia Seriously, how could you not like this idea? #DBlogCheck ! Do this. It’s a great Do Good, Feel Good to start off the week!


  • I am back in business (see previous post). My broken slidy door Dexcom needs to be sent back ASAP, but for the weekend, I was monitored by 2 glorious blue G4s. It was perfect timing for #BlueFridays (and some pretty nice pre-lunch BGs from Friday too).
Training starts when?

Training starts when?

  • JDRF is involved in the Disney Marathon (and 1/2 marathon, 5K and 10K). It’s actually called the Disney Princess Marathon. I’m not going to hide it. This intrigues me (heck, I’ve already got the ears right? A friend recently got them for me and my name is even embroidered on the back. Oo-la-la). I would have to get rid of the shooting pain that keeps happening in my left knee when I run. I’d also need to actually train. Going to Disney World to run a 5K would be funny. Going to Disney World to run a 5K AND raise money for JDRF? Sounds kind of awesome (and still funny).
  • I’m a big fan of Katy’s over BigFoot Child Have Diabetes. As someone who did not go to the FFL conference, I enjoyed her recap of all the events and activities (she also cracks me up).
  • Am I the only one who thinks this looks like some sort of vampire call signal? I watch too much True Blood I guess.Vampire Call Signal
  • Are you going to be in NYC on Sunday, September 29th? Want a GORGEOUS view of NYC from the Brooklyn Bridge? How about getting a little exercise? Come join Alecia’s Stem Cells! Our goal is simple, to assist JDRF in it’s mission: to find a CURE for diabetes and its complications through the support of RESEARCH! If you’d like more information on ASC, we’re on Facebook too.
  • Also, if your looking for some in real life D bonding, JDRF NYC hosts a New York Metro Region group for adults living with or new to type 1 diabetes (T1D). The meetings are monthly at the NYC office “to greet and chat with one another in a safe and supportive environment”. Last week we had fun presentations from John at ShugaTrak and Caitlin at TypeTanks and then some of us went out afterward. If you’d like more info, please check-out the JDRF Metro NYC T1D Adult Group page.
  • And finally I am off to my diabetes eye specialist. I was supposed to go in May. Life got in the way of my remembering to make that appointment. My doctor’s office treats a D celebrity. My doctor has done amazing things for my peepers. I have tons of reasons not to be scared. I’m scared.